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Indian Express: 'Mayhem without a Mastermind'

Iman Foundation Advisory Board Member Chinmaya Gharekhan has written an article for 'The Indian Express' entitled "Mayhem without a Mastermind',...

17 Dec 15
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Sputnik News: 'NGO: World Should Condemn Extremists Within New Saudi Anti-Terror Coalition'

Iman Foundation Chairman claims that the international community should be more critical of the new Saudi-led anti-terror coalition, which includes...

16 Dec 15
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Sputnik News: 'Saudi-Led Sectarian Alliance To Target Minorities As Terrorists - NGO'

The Chairman of the Iman Foundation said that Saudi Arabia’s 34-nation anti-terror coalition is a sectarian formation that will likely...

16 Dec 15
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MSNBC: 'Al-Assad's cousin weighs in on Syria war'

Iman Foundation Chairman Ribal Al-Assad spoke to MSNBC today about the war in Syria.

Ribal said that he was "very...

14 Dec 15
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Sputnik News: 'Turkey Should be Kicked Out of NATO Over Support of Extremism - NGO'

The Chairman of an NGO dedicated to tackling extremism has accused Turkey of backing groups that seek to "create an...

4 Dec 15
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