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US Vice President Joe Biden: 'ISIS terrorists are funded by our allies'

Samedi, 8 novembre 2014 1 Autres imagesVP Biden speaking at Harvard University

American Vice-President Joe Biden gave a speech at Harvard University recently where he openly admitted that ISIS terrorists have been armed and funded by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Responding to the video, IMAN Chairman, Ribal Al-Assad said:

"I completely agree with Vice-President Biden on this issue, this is exactly what The Iman Foundation has been saying for years.

Some of the closest allies of the West are in fact funding extremist groups like ISIS, Al-Nusra and others who share the exact same perverted ideology; this is absolutely unacceptable.

If the international community is serious about tackling extremism then it must fully hold these countries to account for the support they lend to terrorist movements.

The only way we can rid the world of extremism is if the entire international community puts aside their differences and comes together to bring justice against all those who have -and continue to- incite, fund, recruit and arm Islamic extremist groups.

This includes taking down every website, satellite TV channel and publication which incites extremism or propagates violence.

Only if this robust action is taken will we start to see real change happen."

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